Neurofeedback and EEG

These resources relate to our paper: Final-year_Projects_using_Open_Source_OpenEEG.

Neurofeedback and Electro-encephalography (EEG) can be used for theraputic applications as well as for human computer interfaces. We have investigated this area through undergraduate project work using the OpenEEG project and, in particular, the relatively low-cost EEG device: The ModularEEG interface.

Visual Studio

To help students get started writing programs to work with the ModularEEG interface, I have produced a small class library for Visual Studio .NET which provides an interface between the incoming serial data and the C# or VB application. The library takes care of communicating with the serial port and unwrapping the data packets into easier-to-use sample frame structures.
The .NET class library can be downloaded here: OpenEEG.dll
and an example application with source code showing its use in Visual Studio here:


In addition, for students wishing to use Matlab, this is a simple Matlab script that will input a block of data from the EEG board and display it on the screen. Afterwards, the second script can be executed to show a time-frequency distribution of the acquired data:

Matlab EEG
Example output from analyseOpenEEG.m